About Us

Rohto Laboratories Indonesia

Our Vision
Is to initiate & create products & services that bring happiness to our entire customers. Our corporate identity is the expression of this dream. Everyone of us in Rohto strives to express our determination & dedications.

Our Mission
Is to provide customers with satisfaction more than the money that they spend on purchasing the products.

History of ROHTO
ROHTO's first door opened in 1889 as Shintendo Yamada Anmin Pharmacy, a small family drugstore run by Yasutami Yamada in Osaka, Japan. The company was a pioneer in over-the-counter medicines and consumer healthcare products. Fifty years later, The pharmacy become ROHTO Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. and now Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd is one of the leading company listed in Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange.

Mentholatum was founded in 1889 in Wichitam Kansas. Starting out as small purveyot of soaps and toiletries, Mentholatum grew into an international manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs with a reputation for quality and value. In 1988, ROHTO Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. acquired The Mentholatum Compaty,Inc.

Today the combined ROHTO group has established 23 companies worldwide with prodcut available to customers in more than 130 countries. The ROHTO and Mentholatum names are synonymuous with the higest standards of quality and innovation.

Driven by scientific research technology, and keeping a pulse on consumers aspirations, the global Rohto Mentholatum teams continue to create better solutions through developing high quality, innovative new products. We want these to exceed our consumers expectations, to generate satisfaction and happiness to our users.

Our core focus has always been and will continue to be on our customers, our associates and aour societies. Event though we have re-invented our product as many times during our history, our core philosophy has not changed. We are thankful that we have the oportunity to serve and create a better world.

Rohto proclain to create a waves of "Happy Surprises" for our customers, continue to develop hight quality products for our health and beauty care that can give more benefit to users.

In Indonesia, ROHTO that has also been known as eye drops products quality and trusted that market entry to Indonesia since 1934 and became a very -wellknown up to now.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rohto 20th Anniversary

Dalam rangka merayakan ulang tahun nya yang ke-20, PT. Rohto Laboratories Indonesia melakukan aktivitas penanaman 600 pohon di kawasan Taman Wisata Alam Jember Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat. Pada kesempatan ini Bapak Mukdaya Massidy sebagai Presiden Direktur melakukan penanaman pohon pertama dan di...

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